We have decided to offer something special for all the photographers who have worked with our models over the years or are planning to do so. We know that a lot of photographers dream of a real photo shoot in a historic location, but it is always difficult or expensive to arrange.

NOW we are offering an exciting and unique opportunity to shoot in a large and luxurious  chateau with 3 hectares of land as a photography location – for up to one week!


About this event:

For this event, we are bringing 3 gorgeous models from Ukraine who will be available for fashion, beauty, glamour, glamour nude, and art-nude.

We are hiring a private chef from Ukraine who will cook Ukrainian food for you throughout the event!

chateau_Polina chateau_Irma chateau_Ana chateau_Aleska chateau_Uljana
chateau_Liza chateau_Ilona chateau_Tanya
chateau_Viktoriya chateau_Uljana2

Included in this event:

● 2 nights accommodation in your own private room inside the chateau

● 2 full days shooting inside the chateau and in the grounds outside, it is the most wonderful location ever! You can read about the chateau here

● Full board (breakfast, lunch, coffee break, dinner), including 1 night when we will  have a traditional Ukrainian barbecue in the beautiful terrace of the chateau

● 3 Ukrainian models (depending on the number of participants)

● One-to-one photo shoots with the models (no shooting in a group)

● Model releases from the models

Not included in this event:

● Flights or trains to Belgium

● Transportation (there are easy connections with Brussels airport)

● Alcoholic drinks (can be purchased from us at the chateau)

The price:

The price of the event is based on 2 nights accommodation, all meals and 2 full days shoot with the models.

We are able to accommodate 2 groups:



Arrive Saturday morning depart Monday morning

1,800 Euros

Arrive Monday evening depart Wednesday evening

1,800 Euros

Full week price (arrive Saturday morning - depart Wednesday evening).

3,600 Euros

Participants willing to share a room with 2 single beds with another photographer will get 5% off (subject to availability)

The dates: to be announced

One day is usually available for individual photo shoots.

Priority is given to the photographers who are staying at the chateau but everybody is welcome.



Price of individual half day shoot (4 hours) with one of our models at the chateau (includes model, chateau as a location and coffee/tea/drinks).

600 Euros

Price of individual full day shoot (8 hours) with one of our models at the chateau (includes model, chateau as a location and coffee/tea/drinks).

900 Euros

Participant Information:

Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome. Wedding photographers can take advantage of this offer as the location will offer those unique images for any portfolio.

The chateau sleeps 20 people but we will be making it even more exclusive by limiting the event to a maximum of 6 photographers.

Maximum number of participants 6 (3 models)

Minimum number of participants 4 (2 models)

TIP: You can combine this event with our shoot in the mansion in the heart of Brussels!

Please read more here: Mansion shoot

Click on the links below for more information:


About the chateau

Conditions of the event

Chateau Shoot Agenda

Phototours-Ukraine Chateau shoot event in Belgium in 2014 (backstage):

Phototours-Ukraine workshop at the Chateau in Belgium (official video):

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