Makeup Workshop for Photographers - Four different makeup changes

creative makeup

The role of makeup in a photo shoot is often underestimated and overlooked, but using a professional makeup artist can totally transform the quality of images in a shoot.

  • Good makeup saves the photographers’ time on post production.
    Even the best models can benefit from well applied make up. Applied professionally it can even out skin tone, disguise puffy eyes and redness, as well as hide other other minor skin blemishes.
  • When the photographer and make-up artist work together they can design the make up to suit the style of shoot, from matching colours to the models natural look to creating edgy fashion magazine styles.
  • if you are working with clothes or backgrounds it is essential that the make up is designed to compliment the final image - this is where the skills of the make up artist come in to their own.

Makeup artists have the talent and knowledge to create a multitude of looks – from classic beauty to fantasy.

FOR THIS WORKSHOP WE WILL BE FOCUSING ON FANTASY as this will allow you to see how diverse and creative images can be created using great make up!

fantasy creative makeup

What you will learn during this workshop:

  • how to interact with the make-up artist, understand the possibilities and what's involved with a good make-up
  • you will learn some quick tips and some important do’s and dont’s which can make or break an image
  • you will learn to recognise classic mistakes models make when making themselves up
  • you will understand how and why a make up artist selects and applies make up for different lighting set ups and shooting situations
  • we will illustrate the different styles by working through a small set of lighting set-ups, both contemporary and traditional for beauty style imagery
  • during these many sets you will be able to practice directing the model for a shoot, working with light, direction, face, expression, etc.

Price: 580 Euros


makeup workshop

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