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Martin Krans - April 2012 - The Netherlands - www.digital-caress.com


Being relatively new to the field of model photography, I have mostly worked with models whom I directly approached, being a bit hesitant towards working with agencies. I once  got into contact with Phototours Ukraine. When I received word that one of their workshops was to be held in Holland, I decided to give it a go and applied for the tulip shoot workshop.

From the very beginning, it has been a very good experience: beforehand, information was timely and detailed, and questions were quickly answered. The workshop itself was very professional and well-organised (pretty much everything had been taken care of, including back-up plans for bad weather). The models were both beautiful and professional and really pleasant to work with. Add to that some highly unique locations to get the creative juices flowing, and it's no wonder that I returned home with many good shots.

In addition, I booked one of the models for a separate shoot two days after the workshop. Weather was really bad, so the original location wasn't an option. But luckily, Phototours Ukraine were very flexible, and we managed to arrange another perfect location well in time.

So all in all, I'm already considering which workshop to participate in next, and I can seriously recommend working with Phototours Ukraine to every photographer, either beginner, mid-level or professional!

Jacques Rattaz - April 2012 - Switzerland - www.glamboudoir.ch

Recently I spent one full day with Viktoriya as she was on tour in Switzerland. She came in our studio and we did a lot of various styles of pictres. The time passed so fast... It was a pure pleasure to work with her. It was a real teamwork, she was not only posing, but she also gave me some very good ideas once I explained what I was looking for. Thank

copyright glamboudoir copyright glamboudoir
copyright glamboudoir

you to Phototours-Ukraine.com, for the perfect organzation and the advise to hire Viktotiya. Thank you to Viktoriya for her fantastic and smily mood. It was my first experiment with Phototours-Ukraine, but certainly not the last one :-)

Kambi - April 2012- Switzerland - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/116648/

The shootings with models on tour Victoriya and Svetlana from Phototours-Ukraine were really stunning. Both models are very professional and experienced. I could implement many ideas with both of them and am 100% satisfied with the result. Thank you very much and hope to see you again. Kambi.

Copyright-Kambi2 Copyright Kambi

Reto Heiz – April 2012 – Switzerland –


Copyright www.fotopix.ch

This was the first time I did a shooting with Svetlana, a beautiful "model on tour" from Phototours-Ukraine. Svetlana is a very professional and kind model with a natural aura. Her posing is outstanding and she responds the needs of the photographer.
We did several sets (Studio, on location and outdoor), it was a pleasure working with Svetlana. Phototours-Ukraine is a very reliable partner. I’m looking forward to the future and my cooperation with these professionals.


Roger Brunner - April 2012 - Switzerland -


Copyright-art-on-eyes Copyright-art-on-eyes Copyright-art-on-eyes

Normaly working with newcomers, semiprofs and one playmate so far, this was the first time ever I booked a model through an agency. My choice were two models on tour in switzerland (svetlana and viktoriya) from Phototours-Ukraine.

This agency was recommended to me by two photographers. And from the very beginning, the service Phototours-Ukraine provided to me was excellent and made me confident in what they do. Mails were answered feeled in „real-time“ and both models appeared right on time and fully motivated.


I have booked Sveltlana for a studio-session and Viktoriya for a location shoot, both supported by my make-up-artists, as I never shoot without muas. Svetlana and Viktoriya are not only both very beautiful and sympathetic girls, they have superb natural bodies and act on a impressing professional level. Either if you show them examples, or even better if you just let them do and bringing in their own ideas. The magic word is improvisation and you will be flashed away from what they offer you in front of the camera.

No wonder, I am absolutely happy with the results. Thanks to Svetlana, Viktoriya and of course Phototours-Ukraine for the perfect and customer friendly organization. Photographers which are going for the best I warmly recommend the great models on tour brought to your studio door by this agency.


Nick Hawkes - April 2012 - Switzerland -



I had the opportunity to shoot with Viktoriya during her model tour through Switzerland. I prefer working with models from agencies like Phototours-Ukraine, as they are very professional. The organization is perfekt, the models arrive on time, are very reliable. Viktoriya was one of those models you can only concentrate on taking your pictures, she would just change from one posing to the other, always in a perfect way. It was a great pleasure to work with her, I just have one problem now, to many good pictures!

I certainly recommend Viktoriya to every photographer, also the agency in Kiew. I'm really looking forward to my visit to Kiew in May, shooting more of those lovely Ukraine models. Thanks a lot for bringing models like Viktoriya to Switzerland.


Mark Hochstrasser - April 2012 - Switzerland

Model: Svetlana ID 458


I am a Swiss photographer with 4 years of experience in my studio. I already worked with different model agencies, models and most of all: unexperienced customers. As far as I like to teach newcomers how to get the best out of them I enjoy having a professional model in front of my camera who already knows what to do.

My first shooting with a model from Phototours-Ukraine has been with Svetlana - one of the "Models on tour" visiting Switzerland. To make a long story short: I have never worked with a more professional model than her. Even if I had some small advises or changes from time to time (every photographer has his own preferences and taste) I often thought she might be reading my minds. She did what I wanted her to do before I could tell her. It has been a great shooting with an outstanding model. She did a really good job and was always nice and smart.

I'm very impressed of the professionality of Phototours-Ukraine and I can really recommend working with them. If you are looking for a professional model I suggest you give them a try. I surely will do so again.

Copyright Mark Hochstrasser

Jeffrey L. Kratz - February 2012 - Michugan, USA


I just returned from Kiev, this February, after having photographed 4 lovely Ukrainian models supplied by Phototours-Ukraine. Even though the outside temperatures were frigid, the warmth, personality and beauty of the models more than compensated for the weather. Phototours-Ukraine arranged for a casting of models, and I immediately selected the first 3 that I saw and then another model from a previous casting. All the models (Inna, Svetlana, Masha and Evgeniya) were superb and were very concerned that I return to the USA with some impressive images, and I did! For anyone who likes to photograph beautiful women - then you can't go wrong with Phototours-Ukraine. They were very helpful in arranging all the logistics associated with the photo shoots. Kiev is truly a photo destination in itself with the dazzling Ukrainian churches and the very interesting architecture from the Stalin era. By staying at an apartment in central Kiev, you are close to many very good restaurants, bars and shops. Ukrainian food is excellent and the beer is very, very good! I am already looking forward to a future trip to Kiev (in warmer weather) so that I can utilize Phototours-Ukraine and photograph some of their very pretty models in unique outdoor locations.

Bruno de Thysebaert - February 2012 - Belgium

The Phototours-Ukraine team made every efforts to accommodate my requests and to design a program which suited my photography skills. The studio team was extremely helpful throughout the shootings and the models were no strangers to the quality of photos taken. A very enjoyable experience which ought to be repeated.


Bruno-de-Thysebaert1 Bruno-de-Thysebaert2

Bert - February 2012 - Netherlands


We had some wonderful days in the well equipped studio in Kiev.

Phototours organized it very good for us, we worked with 7 different models and made some very high quality photos. It was a pleasure working with phototours.

Also the couple which is running the studio helped us a lot and cooperate well. I will come back some time.

Michael Fieldhouse - January 2012 - http://www.mikefieldhouse.com

Phototours-Ukraine performed a first class job of organizing my trip to Kiev. Communications prior to the trip were excellent with them always swiftly responding to any emails. Upon arrival at the airport I was met and driven to a very pleasant apartment right in the center of Kiev that had been arranged for my stay. The models were highly professional and punctual and Phototours-Ukraine went that 'extra mile' in sourcing specialist lighting that I was unable to bring with me. I would not hesitate in recommending Phototours-Ukraine to any photographer, amateur or professional, and plan to use their services again myself.


Dror Yalon - Israel - October 2011 - http://www.pbase.com/dror_yalon/anastasia__max


I have spent 4 wonderful days in Kiev thanks to the well-organized operation of Photo-tours.

The models were beautiful with a lot of experience and fun to be with. As always, there were certain models that were unique and inspiring, but even the others were by far above my expectations.

We did the shooting in a 2 bedroom apartment provided by Photo-tours. The apartment was spacy with a lot of windows which enabled us to use natural light. Its location was close to Kiev center next to restaurants, ATM's etc.

I really enjoyed these 4 days and looking forward for a future additional trip.

Studio VC photography - The Netherlands (August 2011)  - www.modelmayhem.com/1669088

My first experience with Phototours-Ukraine definitely was a  success. When advised to shoot with Olya (models on tour service) I was  surprised by the professional and friendly attitude of the organization. If you work with Phototours- Ukraine, you can expect to have things  running smoothly, with up-to-date and very adequate information. Very  reliable !

As for Olya, working with her for sure is yet another great  experience. Olya turned out to be very enthusiastic, professional ,  beautiful and cheerful. Not only is she very smart and is blessed with a good sense of humor; she for sure knows exactly what she's doing, and  she has great taste in expressing nice ideas to achieve.  Very  professional, yet creative and full of ideas. It's a great pleasure to  shoot with Olya, for sure I would love to shoot with her again.

Studio-VC-Photography-01 Studio-VC-Photography-02

 I would like to thank both Phototours-Ukraine and Olya for their great cooperation.  To be continued..

Francesco Carlucci - Italy (August 2011) - www.francescocarlucci.com

Francesco-Carlucci-01 Francesco-Carlucci-02

I am a professional photographer and I've worked with  lots of agencies  in my career; Photo-tours Ukraine is simply one of the best agencies  I've worked with!

From the beginning we had a very good communication, and they gave  me all the answers to my questions. They were fast in answering my  email, and very accurate in giving me informations.

I needed three different models for three different styles of  shooting, and they provided me really the best. The models had been  professional, enthusiastic on the set and very easy to work with!!

I'm also very happy for the pictures I did, and for sure next time I'll be in Kiev I will work again with this agency.

Thanks for all Photo-tours Ukraine!

M. Lincke - The Netherlands (August 2011) - http://theothersite.500px.com/

Being an advanced amateur-photographer I have been shooting with models from  Phototours Ukraine more than once and am happy to work with them any  time in the future again. I have worked with less experienced models in  the past and am much more excited about the results I got from Phototour Ukraine's models. All the models I worked with are great models with  the right looks, experience and positive attitude to make any shoot a  success!


Werner Edgar Photography - The Netherlands (August 2011) – www.WernerEdgar.com

Copyright Werner Edgar

Model: Olya ID 218

As an up-and-coming photographer who has only done about 40 shoots, you soon find out the quality of the models can prevent you from getting a top-of-the-line portfolio, not matter how good your technique or creative vision. Working with models who are just starting out only gets you so far (apart from the occasional natural talent your find).

First I hear from Phototours Ukraine that Olya is visiting the Netherlands. A stunning girl who effortlessly combines cute with sexy, femme fatale with a radiant smile. While I hesitate for a second, being unsure if I really need to pay for a model when there are so many dying to do shoots for free, I decide to give it a go… Best choice I made in a while.

I pick up the model from nearby my studio and once a very talented make-up artist arrived we start shooting. Olya poses with flair and is obviously a natural, but it’s her intense looks that blow me away. To be fair, her English could be slightly better, but it never became an issue as she adapts quickly and most of the time, half a word is enough to direct her (and her English is still better than most of the people I know in my own country).

I’m very pleased with both the results as well as working with this lovely model on tour from Phototours Ukraine. I will definitely book her and probably some of their other models again in the near future. If you are a talented photographer that needs to step up their game and portfolio, you should probably have a look at which models they have available. 100% professional service, both the models as well as contact with the agency.

Ben Ernst, Photographer- Holland (July 2011) - www.benernst.nl

Copyright-Ben-Ernst Copyright-Ben-Ernst2

Kiev is a beautiful city, beautiful architecture, special churches, monasteries. Area was very pleasant to stay, make walks and also perform a shoot. It was so easy to do nude shoots. I enjoyed my stay, the models, the shoots, great company. Lots of beautiful material. Almost heaven for photographers!


Didier de Daniloff, Fine Art Photographer ( May-June 2011) – www.fotospecialist.be

As a professional photographer I expect working with professional people around me.

I must say that when you travel for the first time you don’t now what you can expect. How good is the model agency, how is everything organized and what about the language? But everything was wonderfully organized, transfers from airport, transport to outdoor shoots, studio, accommodations, apartments etc.

Water workshop was great, models are very professional even though the conditions to work with water are not always easy. Stuart Holden was a very good colleague helping everyone to make exceptional pictures. The make-up artist did also a great job, working with special waterproof make-up.

Working in Phototours-Ukraine studio is amazing, you have a lot of space, all different props you can use, so much light equipment’s!! I can recommend it to every photographer professional or not, once you worked there you would definitely want to go back..

Kiev is a wonderful city, there is a very special atmosphere. Going out is nice, you will see wonderful things. I was so impressed by everything, that I went back for the second time, and I already hope to go back and work again with Phototours-Ukraine.

So the only thing I regret is that I couldn’t stay longer.
Thanks to Phototours-Ukraine, you did a wonderful job.


Jeffrey Kratz - Michigan USA ( May 2011)

Copyright Jeffrey Kratz

I went to Kiev for the May 2011 Studio Water Workshop with Phototours-Ukraine and had a terrific experience. The models, the studio, the assistance, cameraderie and help of the team from Phototours-Ukraine not only insured a fun visit but I came away with some fantastic images.

After the workshop I remained in Kiev to do some one-to-one photography with some of the models. Phototours-Ukraine arranged for a casting of 10 beautiful Ukrainian models. It was very difficult to make selections, as all the models were very nice and had their own unique attributes. Finally, I selected three and had a most pleasant experience photographing them in the apartment and at outdoor locations. Again, I came away with some very, very good images.

Kiev is a wonderful venue for photography in itself. The city, the people and the models are all accommodating and will make your trip there most memorable.

Ukrainian food is very hearty and delicious and I can attest that the Ukrainian beer is great! I simply ran out of time and had to return to the USA before I could photograph all the models and the locations which were on my list. But that's a strong impetus to go back to Kiev. I hope to go back in the near future and, again, take advantage of Phototours-Ukraine and their great service.

Mark Joyce, Photographer UK (May 2011)

As an amateur photographer perhaps the best thing I could say about my trip to Kyiv with Phototours-Ukraine is that for the 7 days I was there I felt like a true professional.

My trip was built around the excellent 2 day water themed workshop which not only gave images that would be otherwise impossible to obtain but the chance to meet with like minded photographers from all over the world and share experiences.

The studio in which the workshop was held is the best equipped and largest I have ever worked in and given the levels of expertise its owners also lend to proceedings may just be the best studio in the world

The remaining 5 days of my visit to Ukraine were spent on personal one to one shoots with 6 different models both in the apartment Phototours-Ukraine had booked for me and in outdoor locations.

Transport to and from outdoor shoots for both me and the models was also provided by Phototours-Ukraine and it was so helpful and relaxing to know that we were travelling with a very good driver who knew the locations and could be 100% relied upon.

Every model I shot with both on the workshop and individually was wonderful in every sense of the word. Not only very beautiful but with such intelligence and personalities too. If you wish to photograph women with only the most gorgeous feminine qualities then it has to be Ukraine.

Add to this the models true professionalism and enthusiasm that made every one of my shoots a real collaboration and a pleasure to do...

This was my first ever visit to Ukraine and it is a great place to go anyway - Kyiv has an atmosphere all of its own and oppotunities for interesting street photography abound.

On the flight back home all I could think about was how and when can I come back to Ukraine and i dont doubt I will return and it will certainly be through Phototours-Ukraine.


Copyright Mark Joyce

Tony Wadham, Photographer UK (May 2011) - www.photographicsstudio.co.uk


The trip to Kiev, my first to Ukraine was organised with friendly, helpful and flexible efficiency. I was met at the airport on time and everything from there went exactly as planned.

The studio is unquestionably the best studio I have ever found on the four continents I have visited. The Studio is equipped with tens of thousands of $/£/Euros of lighting, equipment and facilities . More than your wildest dream!

Talk to Phototours-Ukraine and get their recommendations before you book. If you have any problem - call Phototours -Ukraine, and your problem will be resolved.

Never thought I would write any review, let alone a positive review like this.

I would have no reservations in recommending Phototours-Ukraine to any photographer, who is not likely to take better images than mine!


Paul Piebinga - Lifestyle Photographer Holland (December 2010) - www.paulpiebinga.com

As a lifestyle photographer I am always looking out for authentic and energetic models who are able to go beyond the fashion poses and are able to make great lifestyle images with me. Working with Phototours Ukraine team has completely surpassed all my expectations. Being in Kiev for the first time, literally everything was organised, transport, apartment, a very professional studio, super make-up artist, wonderful locations, and great atmosphere. The whole trip was done in such a way that I felt a real guest. The models we worked with were very experienced great team-workers and worked very well with art-direction and could easily add their own creativity. We worked for three days and I will definitely come back in spring.



José Lima - Photographer Portugal (November 2010) - www.margensdeluz.com


There are now very few places in Europe that I consider that have the right atmosphere for me to obtain the images I want, Kiev is for sure one of those places.

In the streets, everything is full of life all year long, there's always something happening, and the people are very warm and welcoming, all in all Kiev is a city with the narrative I look for in my images. In the studio, everyone knows how to perform their roles, everyone is very helpful and professional, from MUA, to studio owners, to the models, it's just great to work there since the conditions are perfect.

On top of all of this there's the services Phototours Ukraine provide which are invaluable to photographers because it allows them to get their minds of everything related to logistics and some production aspects in order for us to focus on making our images. Be it street photography or studio / location photography with models, Phototours Ukraine can help me get what's necessary for my stay in Kiev: accommodation in very nice apartments with great locations, studios with the equipment and settings I need, a wide selection of professional models, transport in and around the city, and everything else I might need for my work. At Phototours Ukraine the staff is extremely helpful and professional, they're always available during your stay and the weeks before you go to help you get anything you might need or provide you with a range of options for you to chose from.

Definitely the kind of agency that you would want when organizing your trip to Kiev, I highly recommend them!


Ian Leake - Fine Art Photographer UK (November 2010) - http://www.ianleake.com/

PhotoTours Ukraine organized a fabulous weekend in Kiev for me. Unfortunately I only had two days, but we still managed to get a full day of shooting in a large and well equipped studio, plus a half day in an apartment. PhotoTours Ukraine did an excellent job of organizing several wonderful models, a studio, an apartment, and helping me navigate in an unfamiliar city. I was particularly impressed by the models. I can be very fussy about the models I work with, but all three were friendly, enthusiastic, and beautiful. My trip was a great success. I wholeheartedly recommend PhotoTours Ukraine and will definitely return to the Ukraine at the next opportunity.



Ian Leake Image
Copyright Manuel Sousa

Manuel Sousa - Photographer Portugal (November 2010) - http://www.manuelsousa.com/

Kiev is a beautiful city, great life and mood, both in winter as well as in the summer. A very good place to spend some time, to do some work, to enjoy, and where I will definitely find myself returning as a regular destination.

Altogether a very interesting city for street photography as well as for studio or location work.

I highly recommend PhotoTours-Ukraine for any production work and logistics assistance, be it organizing studio and locations, transportation and stay, model bookings and scouting, make-up artists, etc.

On my last trip to Kiev, which I did with a student, PhotoTours Ukraine was invaluable in organizing bookings and studio schedules, helping with translation when needed, and basically running all the production side of the trip, which obviously allowed me to concentrate more freely just on the work itself. We were able to do much more work than I would normally expect and in the end having a really enjoyable and, as importantly, a very productive time there.

Stuart Holden - Photographer UK (June 2010) - http://www.masq.co.uk/

I have used PhotoTours Ukraine several times now to organise photographic visits to Kiev and Ukraine and I have found the service to be exceptional.

I have used PhotoTours Ukraine to arrange both studio shoots in Kiev and location shoots in Lviv, Odessa, Crimea and other parts of Ukraine.

Visiting a new city is always exciting and PhotoTours Ukraine make it easy by taking care of everything from pick up at the airport, transport to and from the shoots to advice and help on anything and everything during the stay.

Accommodation was excellent as PhotoTours Ukraine offered me a choice of central apartments which were not just good accommodation but also suitable to shoot in.


Stuart Holden Image
Stuart Holden Image 2

The studio in Kiev recommended by PhotoTours Ukraine is worth its own mention because of its size, variety of shooting areas, the quality of equipment available and the helpfulness of the owner Yuri. PhotoTours Ukraine arranged a series of castings using the brief I had given them and every time I was spoilt for choice with the number and standard of the models selected for me.

Ukraine has many as yet unspoilt and beautiful cities, historic castles and scenery so I took advantage of PhotoTours Ukraine's service to plan trips outside Kiev.

If you have a desire to shoot beautiful Ukrainian models and see and experience a unique culture then I would encourage you to get in touch with PhotoTours Ukraine and see what they can offer you. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Paul Jefferies - Photographer UK ( January 2010)

I have now travelled to Kyiv several times with PhotoTours Ukraine arranging things for me. I cannot recommend the experience more highly. I have done shoots in many parts of the world but I think I have enjoyed my times in Kyiv the most. PhotoTours Ukraine helped us arrange everything from transport, accommodation, castings, locations etc and everything went very smoothly and was great fun. The models really know how to get the best out of a shoot, and I assure you, you will come away with some very special results. The models I have worked with in Kyiv have not only been beautiful in a real sense (not just a superficial sense), but experienced and very easy and fun to work with. In short, the service PhotoTours Ukraine offers is the best I have experienced or could imagine, I thoroughly recommend you try it yourself.


Paul Jefferies Image
Canvin Photography Image

Image taken in Kiev apartment

Vince Adams - Canvin Photography (August 2009) - www.canvinphotography.co.uk

I arranged my visit to Kiev with Phototours Ukraine in August 2009 and I would have to say that the communications before I got there was excellent. I arranged my own flights but all other arrangements were made by Phototours and where :-

    - I was  met at the airport and taken to my apartment

     - The apartment was very good and big enough for me to do shoots there.

    - I had arrange to shoot 5 models during my stay in Kiev and where I planned to shoot half day in the apartment and half day on location. Phototours provided a driver with car at at minimum cost  and I had the whole of Kiev and its surrounding areas at my disposal.

    - The models I chose were not just gorgeous to look at but also had lovely personalities and the images I brought back were simply stunning.

For me the whole trip went like clock work and I would thoroughly recommend Phototours Ukraine.




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