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JC Photography - the Netherlands - October 2012 - [email protected]


In a fast moving world with so many day-to-day obligations, it is such a relief that you can rely on Phototours Ukraine for quick and easy arrangement of a great photoshoot in Ukraine! Much recommended!

I have a busy job and see photography as a hobby. That being said, I take it as a serious hobby and would like to get as much as possible out of it but at the same time it should not take me too much time arranging it. Having that in mind, I contacted Phototours Ukraine per e-mail to inquire whether it would possible to do a photoshoot with one of their models in Ukraine and, if so, on how to make further arrangements. They were very responsive, accommodating, professional and helpful - second to none! They arranged for my accommodation (which was perfectly located in the city centre of Kiev), my transfer from airport to the apartment and the studio, the studio itself and of course the model.

Given all this, I had very high expections coming into Kiev for my photoshoot and even then Phototours Ukraine went beyond. The driver was helpful and service-oriented; the studio owner was very knowledgeable, professional and always willing to lend a hand to set up a set for a shoot. Lastly but certainly not least - as clearly there would be no shoot without a model - my model was really great! Quite honestly, no description would do justice to how great the model was but to use some catchwords to summarize my impression: beautiful, professional, enthusiastic, punctual, hard-working and trustworthy.

I really look forward to my next phototour with Phototours Ukraine. Really recommended and would be happy to give further details on request!

Alister - England - September 2012

I first saw Phototours-Ukraine advertised when I was browsing the web. I was impressed by the photos but was suspicious as to whether it might be a scam. The water workshop appealed to me so I contacted a couple of photographers who had links with Phototours. They had nothing but praise for Phototours, so I decided to give it a go. I enjoyed water workshop and was also to able to fit another shoot whilst I was in Kyiv. The photographers on the water workshop were more experienced than me but were happy to give helpful advice on getting the most out of my DSLR.


Jeffrey L. Kratz - September 2012 - Michigan USA


I just returned to my home base after spending a most enjoyable week in Kiev. During that time, I photographed two models (Lena and Anastasia) supplied by Phototours-Ukraine. Both models were superb. They were both very pretty, professional and a lot of fun to be with. I photographed each in an apartment for two hours and then at an outdoor location for two hours. The weather in Kiev in late September was wonderful and the models photographed extremely well in the warm Ukrainian sunshine!


This was the third time that I have utilized models from Phototours-Ukraine. They are a very good company to work with and work out the logistics for a photographer without any surprises. Kiev is just a wonderful city to visit and offers the photographer a great deal, in addition to the pretty models, there are an amazing number of Orthodox churches and many, many parks and green spaces throughout the city. I look forward to still yet another return visit to Kiev. I will again use Phototours-Ukraine and some of their wonderful models. Kiev in the fall is not to be missed!

Les Johnstone - the UK - September 2012 - http://500px.com/lesjohnstoneee

I'm just back from a week in Kiev shooting almost every day with models booked through Ukraine Phototours. This was my first time in Ukraine and using the company, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The service I received from the company was second to none. Having their contact at the other end of the phone was very useful. A quick txt message answered any questions and fine tuned arrangements. I booked my accommodation through them as well which meant I had one point of contact for everything I was arranging. I even moved apartment halfway through the week to give me another shooting location.

They made sure at every stage the photographers were happy with their shoots and everything was going to plan. They have dozens of experienced models to choose from. All of the models I booked were very professional. The studio facilities were excellent with a large number of different sets, props and lights, very helpful staff were on hand. The hourly rates for the studio’s is also very good value compared to the UK.


You can browse through the company’s website and choose various locations they have already sourced, this is very useful for photographers not familiar with the area. The models know the location well which makes it easier.

It’s the kind of trip I thought I would do once, however after shooting there I’m keen to go back and use their facilities and models again.

Iain Rodgers - the UK - September 2012 - http://ladiespet.deviantart.com/


I’ve done several shoots with Phototours Ukraine and they have certainly helped me to raise my game as a photographer.

To a lot of people a trip to Kiev may seem a little exotic or even scary, so rest assured that with Phototours Ukraine you will be well looked after. They are extremely well-organised and will do everything possible to make things run smoothly. I would recommend, particularly on your first visit, that you let them organise as much as possible, from taxi transfers, to accommodation as well as providing models, location or studio facilities. That’s not because Kiev is dangerous or scary but just because it’s much easier - if you arrive late at night and don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian you will be glad that you don’t have to start trying to haggle for a taxi etc etc…

I should mention that in fact Kiev is a nice relaxing place with lots of cafes, parks etc and well worth seeing in its own right. The bus and metro system is very good and cheap once you make the effort to try it.

I suppose I should tell you something about the shoots. The first shoot I did with Phototours Ukraine was with Dasha. We had a dedicated driver to drive to various locations around Kiev and then to the studio. The studio was great, with excellent equipment and the outdoor locations were atmospheric and exciting – it was the first time I’d been able to shoot nudes outdoors. I have done shots in the forest as well as by the river and sometime I would like to do some derelict building “mad max” type shots.

The most recent shoot was the Water Workshop. I think it has opened my eyes to what it’s possible to do in a studio and I would really like to try more. Until that point, even though my previous shoots in the Kiev studio have been pretty good, I felt that studios were rather limiting – but now I realise that there are more possibilities than I previously thought.

I should also mention the models available range from very cute to spectacularly beautiful. I have only one gripe with the models – there are not many that understand or want to shoot fetish or grunge styles, but play to the models strengths for good nude, pin-up, glamour or fashion poses.

Christian Graf - Germany - September 2012 - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/324226/

 I am an amateur photographer from Germany and have just come back from a fantastic week in Kiev, which was organized by Phototours-Ukraine.

I found their website, because of Aleksa travelling though Germany and started to plan my trip to the Ukraine afterwards. The whole communication with Phototours-Ukraine ran very smoothly. They answered every single question almost immediately (even the stupid ones), tried to make the whole trip as comfortable as possible for me and helped to select the right models and locations for the week. Additionally, they convinced me to join the Water Workshop with Stuart Holden during my stay. I booked all the models for a full day.

Due to the low cost airline “WizzAir” it was quite easy to travel directly from Dortmund in Germany to Kiev in Ukraine at a reasonable price (you can bring up to 30kg of luggage!). Once I arrived at Kiev’s city airport, a driver (funnily enough speaking German) picked me up and drove me to my apartment (book the airport transfer, otherwise you will get lost in the crazy Ukrainian traffic; despite you can read Cyrillic). Since I wanted to use the apartment for shooting, I rented no. 8 for the whole week. Although the house – and especially the staircase – look a bit shabby, the apartment itself is nice, comfortable, large, bright and even includes WiFi. It is right at the central place in the city center. I recommend it to everyone who wants to use it as photo location.


I started the next day with shooting Svetlana (ID:458) at 9:30 in the morning. Although she was a bit shy in the beginning, she is a lovely person with a great expression and body. She is absolutely professional and was open to every of my ideas and offered poses whenever I ran out of ideas. After three hours in the apartment we moved to the Studio 2 Hall 3. The studio itself offers great opportunities. You can either use the different nicely arranged settings in the Hall or all different colors of background. The guy working at the studio is a great help and very quickly. In the afternoon, we moved to the nearby river and forests. It’s a nice place and there were absolutely no people around, which makes it very easy to shoot nude outdoors (as one the previous photographers already stated: bring bug spray!!). Svetlana loves outdoor pictures, we had a lot fun and I took fantastic pictures. We went back home by subway, which is a very easy, cheap and fast way to get home during the evening traffic in Kiev. This was basically the same program for the next days, too.

The great start with Svetlana was followed by Anastasia (ID:292). She is a very lively model, who wants you to get great pictures. Although her English is basic (she promised to practice more), it is no problem to communicate and direct her. She is very slim and flexible and open to any photo idea (even in the river). Again we had much fun in the apartment, studio and outdoors. On the third day, I worked with Evgeniya (ID:555). She has a gift for languages and speaks (despite others) fluently English. She has a very beautiful face, a great body and a “traditional” selection of dresses. She is very easy to work with and also open on new ideas. I already recommended her to one of the Workshop participants. My crazy fourth day included a shooting with Aleksa (ID:265). Although she is still quite young, she already has a huge experience. She can express many different emotions and thrives on her gymnastic background. Be aware to book some extra time in the studio – it’s a worthwhile invest. Sometimes it was hard to adjust the picture detail and release the shutter, as she changes between many different poses quickly. However, you get tons of high quality photos and it is also possible to direct her according to your own wishes. My personal highlight was the fifth day of shooting with Anastasiya (ID:327). She is a very smart, beautiful looking, open minded and lovely model with a very professional attitude. She already explored the world and thus speaks English fluently. The chemistry on both sides worked right from the start and resulted in fantastic pictures throughout the whole day. She has an outstanding ability to show emotions in her face and she can “change” her age by lifting and lowering her face. Additionally, she has a well-trained and beautiful body, she skillfully uses due to her dancing background. Unfortunately the weather was too cold that day to shoot outdoor. It was a great pleasure to work with Anastasiya and she is for sure a reason to come back to Kiev.

After a full week of shooting alone, I joined the famous Water Workshop with Stuart Holden at the weekend. Stuart is a great photographer and the workshop was a great opportunity to take spectacular water and milk pictures (with splashes and all that stuff). I would highlight the model Daria (ID:314). She is (as every other model) very beautiful and can withstand even freezing cold milk without getting goosebumps. Although a bit tricky, I took spectacular pictures of her in the water setup.

Federico Demichelis - Uruguay - August 2012 -http://www.federicodemichelis.com/


As I was in Germany, I wrote an email to Phototours-Ukraine. I saw in their website that there were some models on tours around Europe. Immediately I received a friendly reply; so to start with, the communication was pretty easy.
They made all the arrangements so I could meet easily with Svetlana (the beautiful model). They told me the day and the exact time where I could find her, 10:12 am at Cologne train station... and there she was!

So far... so good!
I didn't have a clear idea of where to shoot her, so we drove in the autobahn while having a very interesting chat until we got lost in the country side and accidentally I found a perfect place.
It was raining heavily but Svetlana didn't care at all about that. She is extremely professional, always in a good mood and very open minded.

I have been shooting a lot of models but never someone so professional as she is. I extremely recommend Phototours-Ukraine, highly reliable!

My next vacations will be in Ukraine, I got a great impression of this people... so friendly and professional. Very impressive!

Michael Klein - Germany - August 2012 - http://www.light-the-munkler.de/

Thanks Phototours-Ukraine I got the opportunity to work with the beautiful and warm-hearted model Aleksa in Switzerland during my holidays. Aleksa was dependable and our schedule was working absolutely like planed. She was just perfect for different shooting themes during our three hours photo-meeting. She posed without me telling her what to do, and after a few minutes I got the feeling I knew her for many years.

Phototours-Ukraine offered a non-stop support, they were even available on the day of the shoot, if neccessary. Thanks for everything


Artofdan Photography - Switzerland - August 2012 - www.artofdan.com

copyright-Artofdan-Photography1 copyright-Artofdan-Photography2

Ich hatte die Möglichkeit, eine eintägige Fotosession mit dem wundervollen Model "Alexa" umzusetzen. Die Zusammenarbeit war hervorragend und das Model arbeitete sehr professionell und engagiert. Wir verstanden uns sofort sehr gut und das Model konnte sich perfekt in meine Bildwelten einfühlen. Die entstandenen Bilder sind sehr gefühlvoll, erotisch und emotional. Ich bin darüber mehr als begeistert. Auch die Organisation von Phototours Ukraine klappte perfekt und ich werde bestimmt wieder dort Models buchen.


Chris cs-photosign - Switzerland - August 2012 - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/299766/

I'm an amateur photographer from Switzerland and had the opportunity to shoot with Aleksa from Phototours-Ukraine.
From the beginning, the organisation with Phototours-Ukraine was excellent, they organized every detail perfectly. They felt responsible for the model as well as for for the photographer.
Aleksa arrived on time at the railway station and we had a very funny but also very productive shooting.
Aleksa is a stunning beauty with a great talent for modeling
With the results I'm more then happy!
I highly recommend this professional Agency and this beautiful model.



Edwin IJpeij - the Netherlands - August 2012 - http://www.edwinijpeij.nl


Working with Viktoriya from Phototours Ukraine was fantastic. The professional organization is communicating very well and the models are of a very good level. More particular, working with Viktoriya generated beautiful images that are great as photos themselves but also wonderful material for paintings to be made. She is a very talented poser and that helps to make this beautiful work.

Rudolf Erdin - Switzerland - August 2012 - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/264979/

Aleksa is a very good and very nice model. She understands the photographer´s instructions very quickly, is capable of taking on a variety of tasks and is
able to empathize with many different surroundings. Furthermore she acts very professionally during the shooting; always cheerful and never tired.
Aleksa takes good care of her make-up as well. Her gymnastic movements are impressive, and she has no problem coming up with different poses by herself. I had a fantastic shooting with her.
Thank you Aleksa for this beautiful shooting and thank you Phototours-Ukraine for organizing it!


Mark Gawthorne - the UK - August 2012 - www.evolvephoto.co.uk


I worked with two models from Phototours Ukraine on location in Kiev.

I was incredibly impressed by every aspect of this business. The models were very prompt, helpful and professional. They are excellent at what they do and take direction in English very well, and indeed both spoke good English. Both of the models and the business owner went above and beyond their remit to help make my stay and work in Kiev easy and pleasant. The models were very well presented and excellent at their work. Although quite young they are very professional at what they do at obviously have lots of experience.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this studio, and indeed would work with them myself again. I have been a professional photographer for 21 years now and wish there was such a business in the UK.

Thank you all for your help, kindness and guidance with my stay in the beautiful Ukraine!

Francis Nicoll - Belgium - June 2012 - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/102251/


Last June, some models came to Belgium and I used the opportunity to book one of them. The preparation with Phototours-Ukraine was perfect. Everything has been discussed and was clear.

I worked with Svetlana and I had a fantastic afternoon. She came on time at the station and she really impressed me: good looking and very professional. She knows her job, understood immediately what I wanted and brought her own ideas. So, no wonder that I’?m also very pleased with the results.

A 100 % positive experience and I’m sure, I’ll work again with Ukrainian models.


Takeshi Furuya   - Japan -    May 2012  http://500px.com/takesifuruya

My occupation is a Visual Artist. it means I didn't have any skills or carrier as professional photographer.But Phototours-Ukraine could accept in any situation and arranged correctly for respective demands.Eventually my artworks could be completed with enough satisfaction.

At first I joined " Water Workshop " and this experience lifted me up to professional way.Their studio has the perfect equipments and clever assistants.They could set up very flexibly what i want even if it's requested for the alternative way for the video work.We had much fun with the other participants , models, instructor and very nice organizer  in beautiful city Kiev.And I've stayed and had a few private shooting at their posh apartment .

There are enough space, lighting and lovely furnitures.On the shooting time I could really concentrate and spend confortable time for the shooting and living.  The models were very sophisticated and catching my intentions smoothly. 

It could make confidential relationship between cameraman and model.These wonderful experiences completely changed my impression of Ukraine.If you want to make your carrier up or fabulous experience with Ukrainian model, Please don't hesitate to contact with this fantastic model agency !


Adrian Bahr - Norway - July 2012 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/adrianbahr


Being a medium-experienced photographer I needed to expand my portfolio. After browsing the web-site and reading the favorable testimonials I decided to let Phototours arrange a 4-day trip in July 2012.

Arranging everything from pick up at the airport, apartment, makeup-artist, models etc really made it easier for me to get what I wanted without to much work. Of course I had the added bonus of visiting the very interesting city of Kiev.

I worked with models Alina id:223 and Evgeniya id:555 and both did a fabulous job. They understood very clearly what kind of photos I wanted. Both beautiful, talented, easy-going and professional, showing great interest in the end product. I got a lot of very good photos – so many it is hard to choose which photos to use in my portfolio.

Phototours-Ukraine did a very good job arranging the whole trip and also making sure everything went ok during my stay. I am glad I trusted Phototours and will definitely be working with the company again.

Andrea Fantoni - Italy - July 2012 - www.andreafantoni.it

Phototours-Ukraine gave me the opportunity to work with a gorgeous model like Svetlana. She is a very professional and talented model, open to discuss the ideas and share the own experience. The communication with Phototours-Ukraine was quickly and friendly, the service and the support offered was excellent ! I'm looking forward to work again with this model agency! Thank you again for the opportunity !

Copyright-Andrea-Fantoni2 Copyright-Andrea-Fantoni3

David Salisbury - the UK - June 2012 - http://www.nowseethis.co.uk/


I had a very productive day with Svetlana & the quite wonderful Alexa in this beautiful event in the mansion in Brussels. It’s a family home, with many original features and furnishings and it provided a really good backdrop to Alexa’s mixture of beauty and grace.

The organisation by Phototours-Ukraine was first class and even provided a lift back to the Eurostar station. I hope to visit Kiev to shoot in some abandoned buildings and when I do, Phototours-Ukraine will be asked to organise it for me, without a doubt.

Werner Rolli - Switzerland - July 2012 - www.fotorolli.ch

I had the pleasure of working with Svetlana whom I had booked through phototours-ukraine, a model agency based in Kiew, Ukraine. Svetlana is a regular model on workshops. I conducted a guided shooting involving five photographers in July. Svetlana arrived with a bag full of clothing and tasteful lingerie to work with. She is a very nice, warm person, a bit on the shy side, but she acts and poses absolutely professional. All my fellow photographers adored her. We were shooting for 6 hours with only a short brake. After a short brake, Svetlana and I kept working for an additional 2 hours to broaden my own portfolio. She was just as eager and easygoing during the overtime. She knows how to pose and is absolutely a joy to work with. I highly recommend her to any photographer - from beginner to seasoned professional. Even though Svetlana speaks only a little english, she immediately understands a photographers need.


Rob Reinards - the Netherlands - July 2012 - http://www.facebook.com/rob.reinards?sk=photos


After reading about Models on tour, i decided to write you a message with some questions. You answered all my questions very quick and correctly. So i decided to make an appointment with you and your organisation. I can only say, everything was perfectly organized. I have met a more than beautiful model with a lot of experience. I`am very satisfied about the result of the shoot.

There is a big chance that an other photographer and I come to Kiev to do some urban shoots with models in september. There is one thing for sure, next time when you come back to Belgium or Netherlands with your models, i stay again ready to do some shoots. I can recommended every one who like to do a shoot with a professional model or agency, to contact Phototours-Ukraine.


Marcel - Germany - July 2012 - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/299110/

After I saw the tour dates of Alexa I sent a Email to the agency. I got the response Email within a few hours. (in general the communication via Email was always fast). We agreed about the shooting details (a meeting point, … ). I sent the deposit and got a fast feedback that everything was okay with it.

Without any issues I met the model and had a wonderful shooting. Thanks a lot to Alexa for this.

After the shooting the model signed the model release and I hand over her fee (minus the deposit).

I am very happy with models on tour @ photo tours ukraine and sure I will work with them in the future again.


Ralf Schellen - Germany - June 2012 - www.people-and-more.com


This was the first time that I booked a model from the Phototours-Ukraine. The shooting took place in my photo studio in Germany. Everything was well organized and the model Alexa awesome. Alexa did an excellent job. She is beautiful and knows how to pose. It was a pleasure to shoot with her.

In summary I can recommend the model and the agency without any restrictions. I am sure that was not the last time that I booked a model from Phototours-Ukraine ...


Studio VC photography - The Netherlands - June 2012 - www.modelmayhem.com/1669088

Recently I had the great pleasure to shoot with Alexa at the Brussels Mansion.

One can easily get used to the friendly and great service of Phototours-Ukraine, it sure is fun to work with their team !

The beautiful Alexa, although even indoors temperatures were not that comfortable for her (yes, indeed, yet another day with that typical Dutch/Belgian weather....) proved to be very versatile and creative and she posed self-confident, elegant and extremely graceful. If I would get the opportunity, for sure I would shoot with her a second time.

Once again, great job by Phototours-Ukraine and by Alexa !!


Kees - the Netherlands - June 2012 - http://bodyworkx.daportfolio.com/


Last week I had the opportunity to work with Svetlana, a beautiful model from Phototours Ukraine .
Punctually on time and in a good mood we started working on a few sets I had in mind, I was nicely surprised not having to explain very much, Svetlana is a natural model with a lot of gracious posing positions.
We had a great shoot, I'm very pleased with the results.
So I want to thank Svetlana for her fantastic performance and Phtotours Ukraine for the correct contacts and booking.
I recommend you for everyone who wants a perfect shoot!

John Cluderay - the Netherlands - April 2012 - www.hitmeupstudio.com

I recently had the pleasure to book and shoot Daria with exceptional results. From Phototours Ukraine there was excellent communication throughout, ensuring the timely arrival of a fully prepared Daria on the island of Texel. Enthusiasm, dedication, ability and beauty on behalf the Daria delivered the required shots with minimal fuss, resulting in a full shoot completed on schedule. Initial concern regarding language soon became irrelevant due to the limited direction needed to achieve each shot to specification. Post shoot follow up was also excellent and can only re-enforce the positive reviews I had read during my previous research. I wish I could find fault to make this a more balanced review but this experience was simply very positive! Based on this first experience I have nothing but recommendation for Phototours Ukraine.



Harry Torque - The Netherlands - April 2012 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/1514336


I booked two models in Amsterdam via Phototours-Ukraine service. Communication was smooth and pleasant, and they were flexible. The models looked beautiful, were in great shape, and were a lot of fun to work with. Thank you for helping me arrange a great shoot!


Philippe Chrétien - Paris - France- May 2012 - [email protected]

I stayed in Kiev during 10 days in May. Having read many testimonials I decided to trust Phototours-Ukraine to arrange all details for my accommodation and shootings. During the months which preceded my arrival I requested Oksana, the manager, to discuss all details, dates, apartment, casting. The follow-up of my questions and the answers I received was an excellent beginning for the future collaboration, as I wanted to act alone and not within a workshop. A back up was thus essential.

I got some advice and assistance for my life in Kiev, for the pick up from the airport and others transportations. Everything was arranged as expected and on time.

I did solo shoots with five models Anna, Liza, Evgenia, Elena, Svetlana and a duo with Viktoria and Marina, all models having been selected on the basis of a casting in the apartment.


The models are very professional, always smiling, participating in the poses by their own ideas. The shooting in duo in the studio was great, with a complete and perfect equipment. I appreciated the assistance I got from the owner of the studio as I used three shooting pavilions and various lights.

I came back with a lot of beautiful pictures taken in the apartment, in the forest, in the city, in the studio. Do not hesitate to work with Phototours-Ukraine. "C'est vraiment très bien"

I intend to participate in an event they forecast soon.

Yam-Lang Lee - The Netherlands - April 2012 - mango14.nl


First time ever to work with an agency Iike Phototours-Ukraine. Excellent communication leading up to the shoot.

Even though it was a bank holiday in the Netherlands, the model turned up at the exact time.

Had the pleasure to work with Svetlana. She's professional, sweet and nice at the same time and above all a natural beauty who knows all the poses.

Highly recommended to any photographers. Looking forward to work with Phototours and Svetlana again in the near future.

Samuel Bauchet - France - May 2012 - http://www.sessionnb.book.fr/

I stayed 3 days in Kiev last May. I organized this trip with Phototours-Ukraine, and I photographed 3 of their models there.

I have worked several times with agencies in Eastern Europe, mainly in Prague, and Phototours-Ukraine is probably the best I know. The communication is really clear and quick before the travel, and when you get there everything is running like it was planned, no surprises!

I booked an apartment for these shootings, and once again no surprises, exactly like on photos, with space, and very well located. So I made the shootings there, in the staircase of the building, and also following advices of one of the models, we went to a park, 10 min walking from there, where we could shoot without any problem.

The models were great, very nice looking, experienced, professional, punctual and easy to work with. Each one of them has her own style, which leads to different photo styles and made these shootings interesting. I especially liked the shooting I’ve done with Viktoriya.

I could visit the studio, and I have to say that it’s amazing, I don’t have some much experiences but I have never seen a studio like that before, they have everything, or nearly…

I’ll definitely go back to Kiev. I’m already planning a second trip there…Thanks for everything, it was great!


De Cock Danny - Belgium - April 2012 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/1543229


Recently I have the pleasure to work with Svetlana. It was a studio shoot session and I will recommend Svetlana to all the other photographers. The models from Phototours Ukraine are really top models.


Harry Fayt - Belgium - April 2012 - www.DirtyHarryphoto.com

I booked Victoriya, and I must say it's the best shoot I ever did. It's the first time I was paying a model and the pictures are gorgeous - above and under the water. Already two magazines are going to publish them, and more to come so I will do it again, only doubt will the next one will be as good? Vicky is such a beauty and a great model, she has no problem with nudity or clothes, she's professional to the bone and really interested!
I also had a great relation with Phototours-Ukraine, always quick responses to my questions.


Stephen Cullum - US - May 2012 - http://www.creativedragonphotography.com

Phototours-Ukraine is phenomenal!

Recently I had the opportunity to attend one of their water workshops. I decided that since I was already going to be in Ukraine for the workshop I would also book a private shoot the day after the workshop finished. First off, let's discuss the workshop, my thoughts and opinions.
1. Arriving at Kiev, having never been there, not understanding the language/signs etc, was not complicated at all. As soon as I arrived I got my luggage from the turnstile and when I exited the secure area I found my driver there waiting to pick me up, sign in hand.
2. I decided to get one of the apartments while I was there. I rented out Apartment #1. I did this because I thought that I might do a boudoir session at the apartment (I did not do so unfortunately)...
Regardless the apartment may be a bit more expensive then staying in a hotel, but if you plan on doing a shoot at the apartment it is worth it. Great layout inside, Jacuzzi bath, wifi, tv, full kitchen, all included... However, one needs to keep in mind that even though the inside of the apartment was nice, this is Kiev, and Kiev buildings on the outside look derelict and run down. DON'T BE FOOLED, the outside might look shady, but the inside is quite lovely!
3. The Workshop: The workshop was extremely well organized. Phototours-Ukraine planned everything out... pickup from airport, transportation from meeting point to the studio, organization of the events at the studio, dinner after day 1 of the workshop... Everything!
At the workshop we were introduced to the models and other fellow photographers. Stuart, the British chap that ran the actual workshop, explained all of the safety standards, how we would be organized, and how the workshop would commence.


We all took 5 minute turns for the water portion of the workshop, but if we weren't shooting the water portion there were plenty of other options for shooting in other parts of the studio as well. We had three models to work with and they were rotated around so that all the photographers had an opportunity to work with each of them.

After day one of the workshop most of us went to dinner together with the models. It was a great time to socialize, and really get to know your fellow photographers and models.

Day two of the workshop was just as well organized as the first day (if not better) and by the end of it, all of the photographers came away with some stunning images.

The studio owners also did a fantastic job running around the studio helping out with the various light setups in each of the locations we were shooting.

Last, I wanted to mention my private shoots with Svetlana and Olga.

These particular models were awesome. They both knew how to pose in front of the camera with very little direction from. All I had to do is briefly explain what I was looking for and the model would go into a position better then what I had envisioned.

For the shoot with Svetlana we went to a forest location and shot for four hours nearly non-stop (bring bug spray though... ouch). The forest was lush and green with a ton of shooting options, flowers, grasses, trees, dead trees, branches... It was the perfect area for a nature shoot.

For the shoot with Olga I decided to go back to the studio and do some more water work, as well as non-water work. With all of the accommodation of the studio I was able to achieve images that I had only dreamed of before. They had every type of soft box, prop, backdrop that you could want for a studio. Simply perfect.

And because of my previous experience with the water workshop, doing the water images with Olga turned out awesome as I had more control over lighting, fog, color gels, etc...

All in all, if you have had your doubts about using Phototours-Ukraine, then STOP doubting. It's extremely reasonably priced, and the quality of the models, studio, organization, is superb... I promise you will not be disappointed!

Keith Clouston - Photographer UK - May 2012 - www.keithclouston.com

I attended the water workshop in May 2012. I really enjoyed myself over the 2 days it ran and it gave me good insight into working with water in studio. It was great be able to shoot in a fully kitted studio, equipped specifically for water images and it gave a real taste for the tremendous potential there is for working with water and other liquids. Best of all, I got to shoot with a fantastic, experienced team to guide me through the process and with great models too. I couldn't have asked for a better way to learn! I hope to go back to Kiev at some point and apply what I've learnt in a shoot of my own. Thanks!


Harry B. People Photography – April 2012 – Switzerland - http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/7711/


Recently I have had the pleasure to work with Svetlana and Viktoriya as they were on tour, organized by Phototours Ukraine. I had one shooting session each in my studio, and both of them were absolutely marvellous, due to the natural beauty of the girls and to their stunning posing talent. So the sessions developed smoothly and the results are more than satisfactory!

I recommend the models from Phototours Ukraine wholeheartedly and will not hesitate to book models of this agency of highest quality again.

Phil Tubbax, Fashion Photographer   - April 2012 - Belgium -


I have worked with 3 Models from Phototours-Ukraine in April 2012. The Models Viktoyia, Daria & Svetlana. The models were fantastic to work with. Very professional attitude and also very easy to work with. I have given photography workshops with these girls.

I started with 3 individual sessions and I ended with a shoot with the 3 girls all together.

I'm very satisfied about the results and was very impressed, but it wasn't difficult, the girls are beauties!

Also the contact between me and the agency was very good, fast and professional - I hope to work with Phototours-Ukraine again as soon as possible.

Copyright-PhilTubbax.pg Copyright-PhilTubbaxjpg

Ben Ernst, Photographer- Holland (April 2012) - www.benernst.nl

End of April I worked with Phototours-Ukraine, Models on Tour. I had the opportunity to shoot three of their models. I had before worked with Phototours Ukraine, also in Kiev, so I knew that the organisation would be perfect.

I did a solo shoot with Viktoryia, Svetlana and Daria and also a duo with Viktoryia and Svetlana.
The models are not only beautiful, but also very professional. Not complaining about the outdoor conditions, 10degrees Celsius. Enjoying the shoot, having many ideas to improve poses, etc, etc. All three of them have different styles, characters and beauty, so I made a diversity of pics and series.

I also got to know them better because I helped them with transportation for a few days. Lots of fun.
After the editing I have an amazing number of perfect pics, thanks to the models of Phototours-Ukraine.

Copyright-Ben-Ernst Copyright-Ben-Ernst Copyright-Ben-Ernst Copyright-Ben-Ernst

Bruno Kaufmann - April 2012 - Switzerland - www.kaufmann.li


Recently Svetlana was on tour in Switzerland with Phototours-Ukraine. Together with a friend of mine I had the pleasure taking photographs of her. I didn't know Svetlana before and so I was a little bit skeptic of realising my photographic ideas with her. But when I watched her posing for my friend, I got a lot of new ideas and I realised them. My friend and I we did very different styles of photography and Svetlana did a real professional work. It was a great pleasure to work together with Phototours-Ukraine and Svetlana. She is a wonderful young woman!


E – April 2012 – Switzerland – www.ehlo.ch

It’s the first time I worked with an agency. Usually I work directly with freelance models. At the beginning I was a bit septic about working with a foreign agency about a model on tour. Honestly, I was quit sure that my confirmation money will be lost.

However, everything went smoothly, the agency handled everything fine: check my past work, answered all my questions, send me the train schedules of the model, provided a the phone number of the agency in case of any issue, provided a local mobile to the model and even contacted me the day before to confirm that everything was okay.

On the shooting day, the model, Svetlana, showed up on time and was exactly as “advertised”.


Svetlana was really lovely and it was just great to shoot her. She gave her best to meet my ideas and came up with her owns to find solutions when things didn’t work out. Svetlana is a really professional and I’m looking forward to shoot her again.

I’m really happy that I decided to work with this agency. It's hard to find anything that they could improve!




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