Our famous event at the Chateau in Belgium is back again!

December 8 - 10, 2023 (fully booked)
May 3-5, 2024 (book early)

With BALLERINA on site!

Phototours-Ukraine Chateau shoot event in Belgium in 2014 (backstage):

Phototours-Ukraine workshop at the Chateau in Belgium (official video):

Our models will be:

Dasha, our special guest and pride of this event:

Dasha is available for ballet, fashion, portraits and lingerie, no nude.

Katenka, one of our most beautiful models of all times:

There will be a third beautiful model who is yet to be confirmed.

Included in this event:

● 2 nights accommodation at the Chateau

● 2 full days Shooting inside the Chateau, glass Orangerie, the most wonderful locations ever! You can read about the chateau here

● 3 Ukrainian models

● One-to-one photo shoots with the models, and both individual and group photo shoot with the ballet dancer

● Model releases

Not included in this event:

● Transport (There are easy connections with Brussels airport, as well as Lille airport in France. And there is also plenty of space for parking at the Chateau if you arrive by car)

● Meals and drinks (to be shared between photographers). We are planning a famous Swiss Raclette for one of the nights!

The price: 1,660 eur

Arrival: evening December 8 / evening May 3
Departure: evening December 10 / evening May 5

Number of photographers: 6
Number of models: 3

Looking forward to greeting you all at the doors of this beautiful Chateau! ❤

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