Studio 2

Studio 2 Studio 2

Studio 2 is another studio, where you have a choice of 5 different halls.
During your shoot, you can book a combination of halls if you like (minimum booking time for each hall is 2 hours), or you can book one hall for the whole duration of your work with the model.

Please note: limited number of equipment is included in the price, any extra equipment is at extra cost. Props are not available.

Studio 2 - Hall 1 - 45 m2 (25 euros per hour)

Hall1-01a Hall1-02 Hall1-03 Hall1-04
Hall1-06 Hall1-07 Hall1-08 Hall1-09 Hall1-05 Hall1-16
Hall1-10 Hall1-12 Hall1-13 Hall1-14 Hall1-15 Hall1-17

Studio 2 - Hall 2 - 45 m2 (25 euros per hour)

Hall2-11 Hall2-03 Hall2-04 Hall2-05 Hall2-09
Hall2-06 Hall2-07 Hall2-08 Hall2-10 Hall2-12
Hall2-13 Hall2-14

Studio 2 - Hall 3 - 62 m2 (30 euros per hour)

Studio2-Hall3-01 Studio2-Hall3-02 Studio2-Hall3-03 Studio2-Hall3-04 Studio2-Hall3-05
Studio2-Hall3-06 Studio2-Hall3-07

Studio 2 - Hall 4 - 62 m2 (30 euros per hour)

Hall4-01 Hall4-02 Hall4-03 Hall4-04 Hall4-05
Hall4-06 Hall4-07 Hall4-08 Hall4-10
Hall4-11 Hall4-12 Hall4-13 Hall4-14 Hall4-15
Hall4-16 Hall4-17

Studio 2 - Hall 5 - 270 m2 (40 euros per hour)

Hall5-01 Hall5-02 Hall5-03
Hall5-04 Hall5-05 Hall5-07

Please specify which hall you would like to reserve at the time of booking.