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What levels (styles) Phototours-Ukraine models work up to?
In each model’s profile you can find her levels specified as Portrait, Commercial, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Swimwear, Lingerie and Nude.

Maximum level that our models work to is Classical nude. Classical nude means that our models are comfortable being photographed fully nude, in a tasteful manner.

We DO  NOT provide models for explicit, open-leg nude photography (however tasteful it is), escort or porn.

Do models from Phototours-Ukraine speak English?
Most of the models speak basic English, enough to communicate and understand directions during the photo shoot.

Some of our models speak fluent English.

If it is important for you that the models you book speak reasonable English, please specify it when booking the models, and we will recommend you the models accordingly.

You can also hire an interpreter if you wish which we can provide.

Can models come to my country?
Phototours-ukraine’s  models generally do not travel outside of Ukraine, for several reasons:

One of the reasons is that when you are coming to Ukraine you are combining photo shoots with a holiday or weekend in Ukraine  –

we provide you with photo studio, unique outdoor locations for the photo shoots, makeup artist, guide, interpreter etc. Please visit our costs page to see the list of services we provide.

Models fees in Ukraine are not high, as they do not have travel expenses which they would otherwise have if they travel to another country.

Last but not least, sadly, it is very difficult and sometimes close to impossible to obtain travel visas for Ukrainian citizens to go to other countries.


However, there is some good news.

SOME of our models can travel.

Since we organize photography workshops and events in various countries in Europe (please visit our Events page to see the full list), we do manage to fly our models to countries like Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

In that case, they are usually also available for bookings in those countries.

Please note that models who travel charge more for the photo shoot than in Ukraine.

The fee for half day shoot outside of Ukraine with our models starts from 250 euros.


We can keep you up to date about our traveling models in several ways:

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we always announce if any of our models are on tour in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium or any other country.

You can check out our Models on tour page which is updated every time the new model is traveling.


If you have a workshop happening in your country, or you would like to invite model for a workshop that you are organizing for other photographers in the 3rd countries.

 It is possible to arrange some of our models after the personal meeting with our manager.

Our managers travel extensively, so please get in contact if you have a project in mind.

Please note – we will not fly our models abroad without prior meeting with the photographer who will be inviting the model. This is done for safety reasons, and we do not make any exceptions.

Are models’ rates the same when they are traveling abroad? (outside of Ukraine)
When our models travel outside of Ukraine, their fees are higher because they have a lot of travel expenses to cover: such as flight, hotels, transport, meals etc.

The fee for half day shoot outside of Ukraine with our models starts from 250 euros.

What is a normal booking time for models?
We usually accept bookings for half  day and full day photo shoots with models.

Half day is normally around 4 hours, full day is usually 8 hours.

Please note that if you would like to book model for 1 or 2 hours only, the price will be the same or almost the same as a half day booking, as models have their minimum booking time. Please plan accordingly or contact us to get the best possible options for your time planning.

Can I contact the model directly?
We DO NOT provide any contact details of the models before the scheduled photo shoot.

If you need direct communication with the model, you can arrange a casting, during which our assistant will be present to make the communication easier.

Please do not write to us asking contact phone numbers or e-mail  addresses of the models, we will not provide them for obvious reasons.


Studio, locations, makeup artists, interpreters etc.

Does the studio fee include the use of all the equipment?
We have 2 basic studios - see them both at our Studio page.

Studio 1 is a very big studio that includes the use of all the equipment (you only need to bring your camera), has wi-fi and parking available and is included in the price.

Studio 2 and its 5 different halls include some extra charges if you spoiled the background, used some props like smoke machine etc. These costs are small (in range of several euros for each).

If you would like to use the water facilities of studio 1, it is available at any time, and the price is different than when hiring studio as normal.

Water facilities – is a possibility to do a water photo shoot in the studio – with models lying in the water, splashing water into the models etc. Please visit our Videos page to see more in our Water workshop video.

Can I share the studio hire with another photographer?
Yes, you can – it can be your friend photographer. We usually cannot find a second person to share the studio with you, so you need to bring your own.

Are your outdoor locations in easy reach from the city of Kiev? Are they free?
Some of the locations are in the very center of Kiev city, some locations are within 1 hour drive. The furthest locations (such as derelict building for example) is 2,5 hour drive from Kiev. Please visit our locations page to see photos and detailed descriptions of the locations.

Is it possible to book makeup artist not per makeup but for several hours or for the whole day?
Yes, it is possible at any time, the price is to be discussed depending on your needs.

Do you have stylists available?
We have 3-4 main stylists we usually work with. We can provide you with samples of their work and get a price quote from them depending on your needs.

What languages do your city guides and interpreters speak?
We work with several guides who can show you around the city and take you to the places of interest. We can also book them for your wife while you are busy participating in the workshop or photographing models. The guides we have speak English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. Other languages guides may be organized upon request.

Our interpreters speak English and German. It is not necessary to book them full time, as many of the models speak English, but if you feel more comfortable having one, we can book them for you at the agreed dates.


Bookings and Payments:

How does the payment and deposit work?
We accept payments in the following currencies:

Euros, British pounds, Us dollars, Swiss franks, Ukrainian grivna.

We require deposits for booking a studio, models casting and accommodation (apartments).

The deposit is paid to our bank account as soon as all the details have been confirmed with the agency (exact date and time of booking).

You can pay the balance in cash upon arrival.

How long in advance do I need to book models, studio, locations, accommodation?
For all the bookings we advise to give us at least 1 week notice. You can also normally book models and accommodation at short notice (up to 1 day), but you have to understand that the choice will be more limited then.

To book the studio and casting, we require 2 weeks minimum notice and a deposit sent to our bank account.

If you have urgent situation and need something to be arranged asap, please get in contact with us – we will always do our best to help you.



How can I know that the testimonials on your website are real?
Next to every testimonial on our Testimonials page you can find photographers’ website address or link to his photography page. Please feel free to contact any of the photographers who left testimonials on our website, and do not forget to send us your testimonial too, after your own visit  to Kiev.

Please visit also our Videos page where you can hear some video testimonials from photographers who have participated in our workshops and visited Ukraine in the past.


What is the weather like in Ukraine?
We have hot summers and cool winters without many snowfalls and frosts. The average temperature in winter is 17-35 degrees F (-6 to +5 C), in summer - 65-80 degrees F (+18 to +27 C). Any time is good for traveling to Ukraine, and each time has its good points.

What currency is used in Ukraine?
The national currency of Ukraine is hryvnia. You will need it to pay in the restaurants, taxis, shops, supermarkets etc.  You will find plenty of ATM machines around the city, and ATM cards are widely used. In some places credit cards are not accepted so you need to make sure you have enough cash.

How easy it is to travel around Ukraine?
There are regular domestic flights to major cities such as Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Simferopol, Zaporozje, Ivano-Frankivsk and regular train services to all the towns in Ukraine.
It is fairly easy to travel around but please note that most people outside of Kiev don't speak English and you may want to hire interpreter to ensure the trip to be more comfortable.

What is a better place to stay - hotel or apartment?
Apartments are usually cheaper and better value for money.

Hotels in Ukraine are rather expensive and have poor service and small rooms.
The apartments are western standard, located in the city center and fully equipped with TV, video, stereo, internet access and modern bathrooms, some have jacuzzi baths and private saunas. All apartments are personally checked and are available for short or long stays.
They are within walking distance from all the main sights, embassies, banks, shops, restaurants and markets.

Our policy is to accommodate our guests in the apartments, as it is a much nicer and comfortable option.

It is important to mention, you can save a lot of money on studio hire by making your photoshoots in the apartments where you are staying.

How much money do I need for my trip to Ukraine, apart from photography costs?
It will normally depend on many factors such as your budget, needs, length of stay etc. Here are the main things you will have to pay for:


1-3 bedroom apartment to stay

80 to 200 euros per day

Airport transfer

30 euros one way


100-150 euros per day


around 10 to 50 euros per meal

Average train ticket price

20-60 euros depending on the class and destination

If you have any questions that are not mentioned on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any of your questions: