Kosten Prix

PhotoTours Ukraine have estimated approximate costs for your photography holidays in Ukraine. Please do get in touch once you decide to travel to Ukraine, and we will help you to calculate exact costs for your personal needs. 

For your convenience you can pay PhotoTours Ukraine in EU, GBP or USD. Payments are made in cash only upon arrival, and the deposit is required for booking apartments and castings.

It is important to know that citizens of European Union (except new members), U.S.A, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, San Marino, Monaco, Iceland, Vatican, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Republic of Korea may stay in Ukraine without visas up to 90 days.A passport valid for six months beyond the planned date of travel is required.

Flights and airport pick-up

There are multiple airlines that fly direct to Kiev, among which are: British airways, Delta airlines, Ukrainian International, Aerosvit, Lufthanza, KLM, AirFrance and others.

If you are flying from the UK, there is a budget airline Wizzair that will fly you direct from London to Kiev for a very cheap price.

Flights are best booked direct by yourselves as the best prices can be obtained, and is usually more convenient. Please give us your flight details once you book your trip, and PhotoTours Ukraine will provide you with drivers with European cars to pick you up from the airport and take you to your pre-booked accommodation.

Airport pick-up costs 30 euros or 40 USD*

We can also provide you with the driver on hourly basis. If you need to drive to locations, to go sightseeing or travel outside of Kiev, drivers can be easily booked with PhotoTours Ukraine

Driver costs 10 euros (13 USD*) per hour, or 90 euros (120 USD*) per day, within Kiev. Trips made outside of Kiev to shooting locations are subject of availability, and price will depend on destination.

*please check current exchange rate for the exact price in USD


Apartment costs vary from 80 euros (110 USD*) and where the price depends upon the size and design of the apartment. We have many apartments to choose from on our Accommodation page, all apartments are centrally located and serviced.

*please check current exchange rate for the exact price in USD


Tamara, our apartments manager

Discounted Packages

For Cost Conscious photographers:

Sharing the models, studio and accommodation (apartment) can cut down your costs!

Please note that we would like you to have the best ever time possible. We do not mind you sharing certain costs with another photographers. You can share a model, studio and your accommodation ( 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments). We recommend it to be your friend or another photographer you agree to travel with. We are sometimes able to offer you a partner photographer, but as the travel dates and photography interests need to be the same, it is not always possible.


We are now offering packages for weekend photography tours to Kiev.

The package includes:

  • 2 nights in one of our smaller apartments in the city center
  • 3 models by half day shoot each
  • airport pick up and drop off
  • Price: 650 euros (870 USD*)

Please note: the number of accommodation and number of models for this offer is limited.

Interpreters/Guides/Personal Assistants


Anna-Liza, one of our full-time interpreters. Anna-Liza speaks fluent English and German.


Helen, one of our full-time interpreters. Helen speaks fluent English and German


Anna, one of our full-time guides. Anna speaks good English.

Interpreter/English-speaking personal assistant costs around 15 euros (20 USD*)per hour or 100 euros (150 USD*) a day. Exact price will depend upon the interpreter you choose.

Most of our models speak basic English, and many speak English Fluently.
 *please check current exchange rate for the exact price in USD


We have 2 different studios, and one of the studios has 5 different halls. Prices for a studio per hour vary from 25 EUR per hour (35USD*) to 40 EUR (55 USD*) per hour. All props and equipment included. Please check ourStudio 1 and Studio 2 pages to find out more.

If you need make-up artist, we can provide you with one upon request, the cost per make-up is 40 euros (55 USD*). If you would like a make-up artist to be present during the whole photoshoot, the cost is negotiable with make-up artist.
 (*please check current exchange rate for the exact price in USD)



Models fees vary depending on the models.

The models' rates vary depending on the model and style of the shoot. Here we have specified the average rate that most of the models will work with. Please note, it is only possible to book models for half and full day shoot (4 and 8 hours accordingly). If you need 1 ,2 or 3 hours, the half day rate is applicable.

Half day shoot 4 hours (fashion, portraits, beauty, lifestyle, swimwear)

average 140 euros (190 USD*)

Full day shoot 8 hours (fashion, portraits, beauty, lifestyle, swimwear)

average 180 euros (240 USD*)

Half day shoot 4 hours (lingerie, topless and nude)

average 180 euros (240 USD*)

Full day shoot 8 hours (lingerie, topless and nude)

average 250 euros (330 USD*)

Please note that the fees for our models traveling outside Ukraine will be higher than those stated above.

*please check current exchange rate for the exact price in USD

We can arrange a casting for you upon arrival, it has to be agreed at least 2 weeks in advance and costs 200 euros (270 USD*).

Half of the price for the casting is paid back to you at the end of your trip if you book more than 4 models as a result of the casting.
A deposit is required for arranging the casting

You can pay in USD, EUR or GBP. Payments are made in cash only upon arrival, and the deposit is required for booking studio, apartments and castings. Deposits are paid into our bank account for which we will provide the details..

Do you have more questions about your trip to the Ukraine?

Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact PhotoTours Ukraine directly at or alternatively complete the form on our Contact page.