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Kritiken Temoignages

David Ayres Vil - UAE - January 2018 dayresvil@gmail.com

Booked with Phototours on my recent visit to Kiev. Oksana was extremely professional and everything when smoothly as planned.

I shot with two models Olga (id:226) and Galina (id:242), they are extremely professional and wonderful to work with. I additionally booked the Studio, also arranged by Oksana, and it was comfortable and well equipped. It was a great experience overall, and I recommend speaking with Oksana irrespective of whether you are an amateur photographer or looking for a professional shoot. I definitely recommend.


Lothar Eisfeld - Switzerland - October 2016 - https://www.model-kartei.de/sedcards/fotograf/358306/lothar-eisfeld/

I book several times models from "PHOTOTOURS" to work with them in Switzerland.
In this year 2016 I have had shootings with Olga & Natasha.
Everything was always well arranged, organized and with a great reliability.
They are great models with a lot of experience, and it is very easy to work with such models.
Every time I will book again models coming from "Phototours".
Thanks specially to Oksana from "PHOTOTOURS" Ukraine for the organization and I wish a great success in the future.
Lothar Eisfeld

Copyright Lothar Eisfeld

Cesar Sommer - Switzerland - August 2016 -  http://www.cesarsommer.com

As I disovered that models from Eastern Europe are very beautiful and usually also have great talent for modeling, I came across Phototours-Ukraine page through the internet and discovered Kate. She was perfect for the project I was going to shoot. It was a great experience she did great posing so it was a joy to work with her.

Copyright-cesarsommer Copyright-cesarsommer

Nick - Switzerland - August 2016 - https://www.model-kartei.de/portfolios/photographer/28940/photonick/

I book models of this agency on a regular basis. As usual everything is well organized, models arrive at time, very reliable agency. This time I booked Olga for fashion / nude and Kate for fashion / portrait, no nudes. Both models are beautiful, nice and handsome, speak very well english. Posing was excellent. I'm very happy, very good photo results. Was a pleasure to work with those two models.
Thanks a lot.


Stefan Soell - Germany - August 2016 - http://www.stefansoell.de/

Copyright Stefan Soell

When it comes to book very beautiful and talented models from Eastern Europe phototours-Ukraine is always my first choice since many years.
phototours-Ukraine is a reliable model agency located in Kiev who organize
model tours for photo-shootings to western Europe.
Full service organization, like booking tickets and communication with the models are always professional, straightforward and goal-oriented.
Recently i have booked Olga
http://www.phototours-ukraine.com/html/olga_id_346.html for my editorial projects.
Olga is a cheerful, very easy model to work with. She has great diversity posing skills and expressions, when she has a little smile it's heart-melting.
of course her body is like a dream, cared for, very elegant proportioned
with female curves and lines, just perfect for my photography.
She was very motivated and powerful, I highly recommend her!

Thanks to everybody involved and for your support

bona - Switzerland - July 2016 - www.fotocommunity.de/fotograf/bona/1298208

As it happens, I soon discovered, that I actually knew already Phototours-Ukraine. I had worked with one of their models
already a couple of times some years ago.
Now it was Oksana of the team, the great communicator herself, to organize my present shooting Bona vs. Kate.
And it was great, since Kate is a fascinating, a bit of an ideal model.
In a nutshell and to use now an important concept of the Renaissance, Kate has indeed a lot of "sprezzatura", this particular quality,
which Heinrich Wölffflin then quite aptly translated into German as "lässige Spannung", the "relaxed tension".

Copyright bona

Doug Kim - USA - May 2016 - www.ricecracker.net

Copyright Doug Kim (ricecracker.net)

I was traveling to Kiev to spend a week photographing and documenting the streets and life there when I ran across the Photo Tours site. I also shoot artistic nudes on black & white film. I contacted Oksana and scheduled six models on two different days, including the rental of one of the apartments offered. This was all very last minute and Oksana was incredibly fast in her responses and very accommodating.

After some conversations about my work and what I was looking for, which was very specific, Oksana curated from her pool of models and offered me a great selection. I chose six and the apartment and made the arrangements. Everything went incredibly smoothly and there were other offerings which I did not select: translator, fixer, make up artist, etc. All of the models showed up on time and were very professional, bringing wardrobe selections which I had requested earlier. The shoots were a dream and everything I could have hoped for.

Vita, Olga and Kate are absolutely wonderful models. Beautiful, experienced and very comfortable in front of the camera.I cannot recommend Photo Tours enough. She offers a unique service and all of my needs, even ones I was not aware of, were taken care of. It was rewarding enough that I am now thinking of a return trip to Kiev, just to photograph more of the models from Photo Tours!

Bill Armstrong - USA - September 2015 - www.billarmstrong.photography 

I highly recommend Phototours Ukraine. I spent several days shooting in Kiev in September 2015. Phototours Ukraine arranged studio time, a make up artist, my accommodation, a driver and five top notch models. All of the models were timely and professional. Most of them spoke English. As fine art photographer, as opposed to a fashion or glamour photographer, I was a bit concerned going into my trip that the models might not comprehend my vision, but I need not have worried. All of the models took direction well and were very accommodating of my style. Oksana was extremely helpful and responsive. She made sure everything ran smoothly and checked in with me often. The driver, studio owners and makeup artist were courteous and professional. My apartment, which was located right off the main avenue in Kiev, was stunning.


 I shot both indoors and outdoors, and I am extremely happy with the results. Phototours Ukraine provides a great value and excellent service.

Daniel Jose Montoya - USA - September 2015 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/danieljose

copyright Daniel Jose Montaya

I had come across this website and thought it would a be a great way to improve my portfolio. I stayed in Kiev for one week and I scheduled 5 shoots through Phototours-Ukraine. Oksana helped me work out all the details and answered all of my questions. The models and the make up artist were all very professional and easy to work with. I’m very satisfied with the images. I shot in both studios that were advertised on the website and I thought they were fantastic. I also spent a few days shooting at various locations. I booked a driver through Phototours-Ukraine and he was super helpful and knowledgeable about the surrounding areas. Overall, I thought it was a great experience!

Jeffrey L. Kratz - USA - April 2015

I just returned to the USA after a 3 week trip to Eastern Europe including Ukraine.  While in Kiev, I photographed a model, Lilia, supplied byPhototours-Ukraine.  She was a good model and I brought back some verygood images.  This is the 6th time I have worked with Phototours-Ukraineand they, again, provided very good, efficient service.  Now is a goodtime to visit Ukraine as prices are very favorable and the number offellow tourists is very low.  Both Kiev and Lviv are a photographer'sdelight.  I look forward to yet another visit to Ukraine and to utilizingthe services of Phototours-Ukraine once again.

Copyright Jeffrey L Kratz

E.B. Photography - The Netherlands - July 2014 - http://elvisbadin.wix.com/official


Let me start by saying that in my natural state, I'm a skeptic. I took part in the castle shoot for the first time in the summer of 2014 and didn't have high expectations. It is useless to say now that everything was perfect, from organization, food, fella photographers crowd and let's not forget the models: Lili, Alyona and Viktoria. Initially I had doubts about the value of such package but now I can objectively say it was a great experience that I will gladly repeat.

Jeroen Gordijn - The Netherlands - July 2014  - www.tophotshots.com

Today was my first shoot with Phototours-Ukraine, Viktoriya was my  model for the afternoon.Arranging the booking coudn't be easier.The shoot itself was so good, Viktoriya showed that she knows what modelling is about.Although it was a very hot day I ended up with many good pictures, it was hard to choose the best ones.That I will book a model again is clear. I can not wait.


Stefan Soell - Switzerland - June 2014 -www.stefansoell.de


This was my first model booking with Phototours-Ukraine, here is my experience:>straight foward, friendly communication, everything was in time.

  • both models, Alyona and Anastasia are very beautiful and natural, well tended all over, high motivated with full energy and well rested.
  • very good, easy english communication and understanding of the concept
  • quite successful shoots, thanks a lot to all involved!

Pasi Hakala and Emilia Savolainen - Finland - November 2013 - https://valossa.jux.com/ and http://www.studiovarjo.fi/

We visited Kiev in November 2013 for 5 days as a guest of Phototours Ukraine. The apartment (ID 8) arranged for us was very spacious and comfortable, and situated right in the center of Kiev with nice restaurants around. We shot 3 days in 5 different studios. The studios were just amazing with very heartfelt staff. We photographed 7 models (2-3 per day). All the models were professional, really beautiful and very nice persons to work with.

We got a lot of great photos. Need we say more?

Thanks to the models, our driver and make up -artist, and special thanks to Oksana for all the arrangements and all the help! We really enjoyed our time in Kiev! We are already planning a new trip to Ukraine and can't wait the opportunity to shoot outside at all the great locations.

We do not hesitate to recommend the services of Phototours Ukraine for anyone looking for a great photoshooting holiday in the lovely Ukraine!


Jeffrey L. Kratz - USA - September 2013


I just returned to Wisconsin after spending a fun week photographing in Kiev. I was able to utilize two models (Irina and Alyona) from Phototours-Ukraine. Both models were very pretty and fun to work with. I photographed each for about 3 hours in an apartment and 1 hour at an outdoor location. My images have turned out to be very, very good. This is the 4th time I have utilized Phototours-Ukraine and they provided me with their typical excellent service - handling logistics so that photographing the models went without a hitch. Any time of the year is good to visit Kiev, but September is especially nice with mild weather and many, many outdoor locations that work great for photographic backgrounds. Beyond the pretty models, Kiev offers the photographer an enormous variety of subjects! I am already looking forward to another trip to Kiev and photographing more models from Phototours-Ukraine. If you like to photograph beautiful women, you won't go wrong using their service.

Grzegorz Sikorski - Poland - August 2013

I would like to share with You my very positive experience with Photo-Tours Ukraine. This summer I decided to participate in a Kiev based Studio Water Workshop and I really enjoyed every minute of it. Workshop itself was a very interesting and a very well prepared event. I believe all participating photographers received a great opportunity to learn a lot! We had a great chance to work with 3 excellent models, very good makeup artist and experienced studio staff. Special thanks for our Guardian Angel - Oksana, who always managed to organize everything on a very short notice and was able to take care about (almost) every aspect of our life. :)


Havey Photography - Norway - July 2013 - ketilharvey@yahoo.no


I had the priviledge of using Phototours Ukraine for my tour to Kiev this summer, and was very satisfied with the way they helped me arrange my tour. They met all my needs, the communication with them was fast, and they gave me excellent service all the way. I booked three different models, and got all the help i needed for my requests, availability, times, and so on. They gave me all the help i needed to organize my sessions, so that they could be what I had planned them to be.

The models was just fantastic. I had sessions both indoor, and outdoors, and my models, Victoriya, Julia, and Sofia, was very professional. They were so easy to work with, and we had a lot of fun. Specially thanks to Victoryia who got trough a day outdoors on a really hot day, and with mosqitos all around us. You rock!

I will absolutely recomend using a make up artist supplied by the agency. They sent me a very professional artist, Olga, who spoke fluently english, and who made the make up and hair like I wanted.

Summary must be that Phototours Ukraine is a professional agency, who really understood my request, and made sure everything was running smoothly for my photo tour. I can only give the best testimonials to Phototours Ukraine, and I thank them for all their help. I will absolutely use them again!

Marcel - Switzerland - July 2013 - https://www.model-kartei.de/sedcards/fotograf/284980/mgohla/

I worked for the first time with Photo Tours Ukraine. it was a wonderful experience because it is a reputable agency, since from the first contact to the final shooting absolutely everything is run smoothly. especially liked the contact with oksana, organized everything perfectly and quickly.
the work with Evgeniya was just great, her posing, their facial expressions and their expressive strength was perfekt.wir had a lot of fun and so was the shooting a wonderful experience.
thanks to photo-tours. thanks to oksana, thanks to Evgeniya.


Roderick Lloyd MORE THAN A PHOTO - the Netherlands - June 2013 - www.rodericklloyd.com

Copyright-rodericklloyd02 Copyright-rodericklloyd01

Great to work with the 2 models Lena and Sofia. No studio work but out in the country. The chosen locations gave me enough possibilities to make my special photo art works MORE THAN A PHOTO NUDE ART. You can see more examples on my website. I would also like to thank the organization for all the other good work.


Samuel Somers - Belgium - May 2013 - www.theruffsite.com

To begin, this was the first time I worked with a model from Phototours-Ukraine, even when the possibility was there also last year but to my bad timing turned our unable to program it in.
Thank you Phototours-Ukraine for making my booking possible and especially how your organised everything was professional and correct.
I worked with Sophia and booked her for i needed something different than i’m used to and Sophia had what i needed, a strong facial expression that could be emotionless and with emotion. What surprised me the most was how fluent she was in English, and that made working with her flow like the current of a river can vary yet still focused in one direction.

I loved how the entire shoot went and came to pass, and I can tell it’s not very often that you come across model that knows what photographer is thinking and telling with just using sign. What I mean is I usually point a direction where the eyes should look or use the my hand to lay the direction of how the head should look, and Sophia did that like as if we were in perfect sync.

The entire shoot went very straight forward as all our ideas where laid bare and created in the moment between me, Stephanie Berika (mua) & Sophia, as if we knew what we wanted and how we wanted it. I’m still amazed with the results we’ve done and created so i’m looking forward on whom i’ll book next, and if the experience we’ve shared now will reprise in our next effort in creating something that’s beautiful and amazing.


Eric Menaut - France - May 2013 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/2702011


Phototours-Ukraine is a very serious agency which knows how to meet your needs. The communication is fast and effective and always with the aim to provide an optimal service.
I had the opportunity to shoot for 2 days in a castle in Belgium and I have been able to realize great images there. The models (Svetlana, Sofia and Evgeniya) were very professional and have actively participated in the event by giving the best of themselves while working in a good mood.
I am an amateur photographer and it would have been much more difficult for me to organize something like that by myself.
I recommend this agency which will do the best to provide beautiful models and professionals services while remaining warm and friendly.


Striking Images Studio - USA - May 2013 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/94752


After having a great experience attending the Dutch Tulip Fields workshop last year, I decided to participate in the Belgium Chateau workshop this past May. I have to give high praise for the organization of the workshop and the amazing models that we worked with. Phototours-Ukraine did an amazing job of making sure all the details were taken care of from train schedules to food requests.

The models were not only professional in there posing skills but they had great attitudes as well. I highly recommend Eugenia and Svetlana as models. It was great networking with the other photographers during the workshop. While we were from various countries, everyone worked well together and I enjoyed the interactions with all.

In addition to attending the workshop, I traveled to the Ukraine and scheduled shoots in Kiev and Lviv. Again, Phototours-Ukraine was amazing at taking care of all the details to make sure my trip went smooth. I really appreciated her suggestions of traveling to Lviv, restaurants, clubs and sights to see. Everything was taken care of from accommodations to drivers including the best tour guide for Lviv. I had such a great experience shooting Eugenia again, Anastasia and Natali. Eugenia is not only a beautiful model but well educated and cultured. Anastasia is also a beautiful model and a pleasure to be around.

I am already planning on another trip to Kiev and look forward to attending next years workshop!

Philippe Claes - Belgium - May 2013 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/1576151

Working with Sofia was my first experience with Phototours Ukraine and i can only state that the whole operation went from the early beginning up to the day of the shoot very smooth and professional.
My contact person Oksana replied to all of my questions and wishes, the timeframe in wich the shoot had to happen was very well organized, and of course the model Sofia was very professional, fun to be with and a very nice person, and last but not least, very beautiful !
This will definitely not be my last shoot with Phototours Ukraine !!



Robert Cooper - USA - May 2013 - http://robertcooperphotography.com

I had the pleasure of working with PhotoTours Ukraine in May 2013. I'm a Fashion photographer working in Boston, Massachusetts, I contacted PhotoTours about doing a my own photo shoot with one of her glamour models Anastasia at their studio. They made all the arrangements including location, model , make-up and transportation.There were no hidden charges or up sells. This an completely professional and honest company.The model I worked with Anastasia was beautiful , professional and extremely talented. I plan on working with PhotoTours Ukraine in the future.

Copyright RobertcooperPhotography

CMP Photography - Switzerland - March 2013 - https://www.model-kartei.de/sedcards/fotograf/50983/cmp-photography/


My first experience with Phototours Ukraine and the wonderful Lena was entirely positive. All administrative matters had been professionally organised by Phototours-Ukraine and at the shooting day everything worked out perfectly. Shooting with Lena was pure pleasure: Not only that she is a beautiful young lady who knows how to move and present herself to realize the shooting ideas, we also had a lot of fun doing so. I am looking forward to a next shooting.

Alessandro Ricca - Italy - March 2013 - http://www.alexricca.com/

Working with svetlana is a highly recommended, talented and willing to discuss all the details for the success of the set in addition to being friendly, precise and punctual, of course as well as its agency Phototours with their rapid and efficient organization ready to find a solution for any type of matter.

copyright-Alexricca copyright-Alexricca

Marius Henzi – Switzerland – March 2013 – http://www.schwarzweiss-studio.ch    http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/fotograf/8671

Copyright-Marius-Henzi Copyright-Marius-Henzi

Evgeniya and Lena were living a vivid presence in the setting , with a rich repertoire of poses - so I was very glad to work with them. Lena brought the sunshine to Switzerland with her special open minded attitude. The process with Evgeniya has been somehow mystic ...with her poses she was creating an’ atmosphere of “ the appearance of the unicorn”. There have been two of the best experiences in shootings I ever had.


Ramon Spaeti - Switzerland - February 2013 - www.ramonpictures.com

Shooting with Evgeniya was absolutely great. I shooted in an old large-scale attic in Zurich. To take pictures with analog medium format cameras, only with available light, was a big challenge. My compliments to the model Evgeniya which did an amazing job even though there were just some few degrees above zero.


Chris - csc-photosign - February 2013 - https://www.model-kartei.de/portfolios/photographer/299766/cscphotosign/


I had for the second time in Feb. 2013 the opportunity to work with Phototours-ukraine.com.As the first time, the whole organization was planned to the details and everything worked well and easily.I picked Evgeniya up at the train station and we went to a beautiful and spacious hotel-location.Evgeniya is extremely professional but also very natural and beautiful. Her posing is great and she is very flexible. I'm more than happy with the model, the shooting and the great pictures I shot. Thank you Evgeniya!!

I would like to work with her again anytime and I highly recommend Phototours-ukraine.


Claude Mathieu - Switzerland - January 2013 - http://www.modelmayhem.com/1703319

Working with Svetlana was a great pleasure. I picked her up at the train station where it was easy to spot here: the most beautiful young woman in the area. As a model she is extremely professional but also quite flexible when the location turned out to be not exactly like planned and promised. She has a great posing and with her own make-up skills she is a model I would work with again at any time!

Thank you again Svetlana.



Steve Jaeckle – Switzerland – December 2012 – www.imagesoflife.ch


It was now the second time I worked with models from Phototours-Ukraine and I will do it again! The models are truly professionals, the atmosphere was the perfect mix of working professionalism and being fun as well. Their English was very good and they also understood quickly what I intended to illustrate with my images. The organization was perfect and very reliable; it’s the real all-round carefree package. And did I mention that the models are truly stunning beauties..? I had the opportunity to work with Oksana last year and with Aleksa this year and I’m looking forward to new projects with Phototours-Ukraine.


Adel Al-Faresi - Kuwait - October 2012 - www.paparazzistudio.com

It was really good, Thanks.

The most important things in photo shooting is the Model, Svetlana was not only good but perfect, she was helpfull, she just care about to give a nice shot to me from the first working hour till the end, she never feel tired, even the guy in the Studio was helpfull also.

Sure I will visit again...






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