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We can show you around different locations in Kiev and near Kiev, and we can also provide you with the driver who will be taking you from one location to another during the day if necessary.

You can shoot at the river, in the forest, at the beach, in old abandoned buildings, in typical Ukrainian village surroundings, with the windmills, stables with horses etc.

We can also organize trips outside of Kiev (Crimea, Lviv, Odessa) on request and depending on availability.

Here you can see some samples of the places where you can photograph in Ukraine. Most of these places are not crowded so you can take your time and work in privacy.

NEW - Abandoned Building

Located in central Kiev there is an abandoned building and which has been vacant since the 1970’s. All the furnishings have been removed and the plaster is now crumbling and where doors hang from their hinges - ideal for artistic images. On the top floor there is a ballroom with 360 degree views over Kiev and where the natural light is just perfect for photographers. This location has to be booked in advanced and is only available at weekends - please contact Phototours-Ukraine for more information.

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River Dnieper and Forests

model_206_04_Rimma_22goda_171sm_50kg_87-60-87s River_dnieper1 model_88_Viktoria_08_22_174sms

Located in the very centre of Kiev there is an island on the river Dnieper which has many forests and private beaches where you can shoot models in private and seclusion. This location can easily be reached by taxi, or if you prefer PhotoTours can arrange pick-up and drop off for both you and your model(s).

Our driver knows how to take you to the area next to the river, in the forest where there are no or very few people. It is basically a forest, some fallen trees, river, a bit of sand at the shore. It is the most central location if you need nature and want to save time getting to the location.

Costs involved: driver to take you there.

Country Club and horse hire

Phototours-Ukraine can also arrange the hire of horses for that photo shoot with a difference. How about shooting your own Lady Godiva!

There is a horse club where you can hire a horse and photograph in the forest and fields there as well. There is also outdoor pool there.

Costs Involved: Horse Hire (25-30 euros per hour), Use of pool (15 euros), driver. There is a nice restaurant with wooden bridges over lake etc, and you can also do nudes there.

model_34_19s Location_horse1s
Location_horseclub3s Location_03s Location_pool_01s

Pirogovo (open-air museum)

Location_05s Pirogovo-location-s1

Only a short 30 minute drive by car from Kiev there is an open-air museum called Pirogovo which contains windmills and other samples of Ukrainian architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

It covers a total of 1.5 square kilometers (370 acre) and contains over 300 pieces of folk architecture brought here from all parts of Ukraine and carefully reassembled.

The entire territory of the museum is divided into sectors, each representing the folk architecture and life of a specific Ukrainian region. In the center of it there is a picturesque hill with windmills.

It has wooden houses, wide fields and forests too. Very special are the windmills and the wooden houses, and it is better if you have a model that is not shy as there might be some people around (we can advise). The area is huge, and if you go far away, you get to the places where there are no people at all, but there are no windmills or houses there, just forest and fields. You can go there for a day, there are several simple style but very good typical Ukrainian restaurants.

Costs Involved: Entrance ticket, ticket that allows you to photograph on the territory (we highly recommend you get one) (around 15 euros). and if you like, you can walk there, or you can also come in with the driver by car and drive around. In that case you need to buy ticket for the car (also around 15 euros). That means you will probably need to pay drivers full day rate (100 euros). Or he can also drop you off there and pick you up later.


Forests, marshes and lakes

Also on the outskirts of Kiev there are vast forest regions, some with marshes and lakes and where it is easy to find an idyllic and secluded location to photograph your model in private.


Although it is possible to hire a car, PhotoTours Ukraine would recommend using one of our drivers who could take you there and then pick you up later at a pre-arranged time

Costs involved: driver to take you there.

Location_01s model_156_Katya_174sm_57kg_21_05s
model_206_07_Rimma_22goda_171sm_50kg_87-60-87s Location_nature_01s Haystack Haystack2
Marshes01 Lakes01

Central Kyiv

model_121_04_Anna_japan_s Location_08_s
Model_267_Ekaterina_02_21god_170sm_51kg_82-58-88s model_136__05_Zenya_dnepropetrovsk_17let_178sms

Another beautiful and easy-to-reach location is the actual city of Kiev (or Kyiv).

It is the place where 2012 UEFA European Football Championship was hosted.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. You can see some photos of the city here.



Park01 Location_11

Trips outside of Kiev

We can also organize trips outside of Kiev (Crimea, Lviv and Odessa) depending on availability.



model_122_07_Anastasia_dnepropetrovsk_s model_217_03_Milena_23goda_177sm_54kg_92-62-92s

Apartment shoots

You can save a lot of money by shooting in the apartment which you can rent from us to stay in.

There are different levels and styles of the apartments, with different budget and design.

To learn more, please go to our Accommodation page.

Here you can see some great examples of how a great photograph can be done in small (or larger) Kiev apartment.


model_108_01_sergeevaa model_88_Viktoria_13_22
Apartment-locations Apartment_02a Apartment_03a Apartment_01a

Derelict building / dam and river location

Location_nature_02s river3

Derelict building, 2.5-3 hours drive from Kiev. Very beautiful ruins in extremely picturesque place. The advantage of this place is that a short drive from there you can find some impressive rocks, river and nature in general. The disadvantage is that sometimes there might be  some people around. We advise to go there for the whole day as this place is far away and has a lot to offer.

Costs involved: driver for the whole day (only drop off and pick up are not possible).


building2 Derelict-location_03s Evgeniya_house2
Derelict-location_05 Derelict-location_06a
Derelict-location_07 Derelict-location_08

Construction Site

It is possible to shoot at construction sites in the center of Kyiv although permission will have to be sought and a payment gesture may have to be made.

Please contact us to confirm what is available at the time of your intended visit.

Construction Site Location
Construction Site Location
Construction-site7 Construction-site6 Construction Site Location
Construction-site8 Construction-site9
Construction-site10 Construction-site11 Construction-site12a